Quality and environment

  Quality assurance is directly incorporated into the production process of Dirk and regularly reviewed. All factories around the world comply with strict European environmental standards (EMAS). German "Dirk industries - RDK" is a global manufacturer and supplier of bearing industrial products. We not only need to be in an advantageous position in terms of quality, technology, reliability, innovation and cost-effectiveness, but also need to ensure stable and timely supply and provide committed service, so as to win the long-term trust of customers. This is the foundation of our company's continued success. Our quality standard is to meet customer expectations and requirements oriented. Strictly abide by laws and regulations. Our work in various fields aims at "zero defect" for continuous improvement, and takes defect prevention measures to reduce the risk.

  • Safety and environmental management

    We actively adopt a continuously improving and global occupational safety and environmental management system.

  • Safe and employee friendly work

    Employees and contractors have equal priority. When designing work centers and programs, more attention should be paid to ergonomic design.

  • Reliable action

    RDK is committed to complying with all laws and regulations on occupational safety and environmental protection and providing safety and environmental protection measures.

  • preventive measure

    Dirk takes comprehensive measures to protect employees from health hazards and the environment from pollution. Ensure that our staff and visitors are properly handled in case of injury.

  • Responsible employees

    Decker conducts regular information exchange and training to ensure that our employees and business partners have the expertise and knowledge to work safely.

  • Minimum impact on the environment

    Dirk focuses on efforts to reduce the adverse effects of any activity on the environment. Moderate consumption of raw materials and energy, efforts to reduce waste emissions.